Astronova | Blogger Template is another beautiful blogger template which is modified and converted from WordPress template made by Web2Feel.Com

Astronova | Blogger Template is a dark gaming template which have beautiful header with lot of customizable feature,best suited for gaming blog/site. Here i have created this template for gaming blog .
This template have a nice flash header, a beutiful sidebar with two colomn lable widget etc



  1. Hi , thanks for this great template ! But i have a question : why the recent post thumbnails don´t appear ? I changed the url in the html cod , but this modification don´t show te recent posts !

    Dou you can help me ?
    Many thanks.

    See u latter ;)

  2. i try ti find a good and best theme from my blog and i think i find :)

  3. Hi luiz,
    I have reviewed for recent thumbnail is not working. The problem is that you have removed the semicolon after your blog address, Just go to your blog dashboard and then go to html tab and find the recent thumbnail widget html code and add a semicolon after your blog address. This will solve your problem. ;

  4. Hi ! Yes , great ! Problem solved ! Many thanks !

    Friend ,do u know ? People like you are blessed .

    I wish you happiness and days full of success.

    a big hug


  5. Hi! Thanks for this template :) But how do type vietnamese in title slider? :(
    Can I change a font in that? And I can change it's where? #_#!
    Sorry but my english very bad... =="

  6. Thanks, but I can't change it :(
    As you said before, find and add new font in this block:

    .mytext p{
    padding:0px 0px;
    font-size: 14px ;
    text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #f6f6f6;

    Like this!? You can check this in my blog ~>
    It's first entrie, must be "Giải mã GameOnline" not "Gii m GameOnline" :(

  7. Agh, me again =="
    Another trouble, when I change domain to, recent post not working... :(
    How to fix it's ? :(

  8. Yay! I did it!! :D
    Thanks so much, love this temp forever :X
    Hope for success to you ^^!

  9. Hi maximum,
    I have added all instructions how to add navigation bar, but in case you have not found this just go to your dashboard and click on the top add widget tab and add a link bar without title.

  10. Maximum says:

    hi Tonj, thanks for reply my question.. you r so good template maker. if there is an award for blogger template maker, i will choose you as the winner..

  11. Hi Maximun ^^!
    It's not my template :D, it is your VKBhardwaj :)
    Everything is within the Instruction of VKBhardwaj, wish you success :)

  12. Maximum says:

    ok then, thanks to both of you >.<

  13. hai.. i love ur template. how to activated the bookmark buttom [facebook/twitter]? thx b4

    Do you have rss feed because this widgets caches only feed post.

  15. i do...but in the area for the thumbnails i put my website like the instructions said. it shows them in the preview..but not on the blog itself.

  16. have you been able to look at this? please let me know

  17. EBDavid says:

    Hey, This is an amazing tamplate.
    Can you help me center the text in the linkbar / page menu (#foxmenucontainer{)?

    Thank you so much.
    Have a great day.

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