Astronova | Blogger Template is another beautiful blogger template which is modified and converted from WordPress template made by Web2Feel.Com

Astronova | Blogger Template is a dark gaming template which have beautiful header with lot of customizable feature,best suited for gaming blog/site. Here i have created this template for gaming blog .
This template have a nice flash header, a beutiful sidebar with two colomn lable widget etc



  1. Ricardo says:

    Hi, great theme, but 2 things:

    How to remove the read more ?
    Problem with the topics....(example:

  2. @RICARDO:
    Please remove this code : var thumbnail_mode = "no-float" ; summary_noimg = 560; summary_img = 600; img_thumb_height = 175; img_thumb_width = 600;

  3. Ricardo says:

    Thanks and what about the topics ??

  4. @RICARDO:
    Please remove some extra space .

  5. ok neo,
    don't worry i will send you a modified template in next few days. In this you don't need to do edit anything. And for navigation go to dashboard and add link list in this widget.

  6. D.N.H says:

    How to replace head-banner by a other banner?

  7. PC Games says:

    Thank you...

    still buddy search is not working...
    and plz also add number page navigation...

    This template is great and waiting for Premium themes that would be even more great....
    Thank you...

  8. cara muito muito bom!!!!!!

  9. Emma says:

    How do you change the side bars from orange to CCCCCC gray.

  10. Emma says:

    Thank you for taking time to answer my questions!

    How do i remove bestblogger from the top right hand corner?

    How do i activate the slide area?

  11. Thesis Blogger Template is cool. Great job.

  12. Emma says:

    How do i change the orange bars in the comment section? I can't find the jpg.

    Also for the slide image, when i click on the photo is does not direct me to a url. Where should I place the url for the slide image?

  13. Hi Emma,
    To remove recent post and recent comment= i have removed a template for someone just download this file Drakon Without special

    to edit post area and sidebar area it will be dificult for you and thare is a lot of chances to unfix your template in diffrent browser. so just leave this idea.

  14. how to chage slide post????thnks

  15. I have given all instructions in the template folder please read that,
    I you have any problem somewhere please ask again.

  16. SUKMAKU says:

    how to appear the bar tittle

  17. Hi SUKMAKU,

    Go to setting pannel and then to formating tab
    Now set the timestamp formate to monday, october 13, 2010.

  18. Jimmy says:

    I Was Woundring How 2 Change The Left BlogName To The Center & 2 make It Transparent .. Bcoz i Always Like Tweaking :D Thx In Advance Man

  19. Jimmy says:

    I Got The Transparent Part But Still Waitin' 4 Centering The title Thing .. Also i Would Like 2 Center The Post Images & Text & Let The Image Appears Normal Without The Compression Thing I Thx Alot & Sry 4 causing U Any Headaches :D

  20. Jimmy
    Just find this code in css section .title h2
    and add a text formating code like text-align:center;

  21. Jimmy says:

    Actuelly It Didn't Work But Gave Me an Idea Find: .blogname and @ align change it to center instead of left .. but it wount work anyway like i want it to work .. but thx alot 4 the advice

    By The Way .. I need 2 more things :D

    1. When i Go 2 Another Page Other Than The main Can I Make The Title Stay invisible As It Is On The Main page.

    2. Can I Make The Header Linked 2 my Title as alinked image html.

    I Know I Have Lots of Requests So thx Alot 4 Ur Help :d

  22. ernest says:

    hello, first i would like to say thanx for the template and second i only have one problem i would like for each individual post to have it's own meta tags and meta description is there a way to do this...thank you

  23. No blogger doesn't support this formate.

  24. Jimmy says:

    Hey BKB,

    B4 throwing it all on u, i spent sometime and got what i want and few ideas to apply but will e-mail u if i got it blocked again, but there is one more thing why aren't the labels appears @ the btm of each post .. u think that u can help me @ it .. Thx Again 4 all ur great efforts

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