Astronova | Blogger Template is another beautiful blogger template which is modified and converted from WordPress template made by Web2Feel.Com

Astronova | Blogger Template is a dark gaming template which have beautiful header with lot of customizable feature,best suited for gaming blog/site. Here i have created this template for gaming blog .
This template have a nice flash header, a beutiful sidebar with two colomn lable widget etc



  1. farah says:

    thank u so much. i'm using this beautiful template.
    1Q: how do u remove the avatar of the bald man with guns? it doesnt go with my blog

  2. To remove avatar i have given instruction in setting file in the template folder but i you didn't find,
    Go to edit html and search for myavatar in head and body section and remove it.

  3. Mafedjas says:

    how do i change the images from header?

  4. I didn't get you question, you are talking about which images ex slider images or header banner image.

  5. I am also having trouble removing the avatar. I deleted the coding for it but it will not go away. Also how do you change/remove the image that appears at the top of your blog post/entry? I published a post and it has an image of a notebook, calculator, etc. I looked up the image source but cannot find it anywhere in the html page. Can you please help?


    Please read this instruction:Cooking Buddy

  7. farah says:

    1st of all, thank you very much for all your explanation.

    however, i don't understand how do i expand post in html, so that myavatar codes can be seen & changed?

    thanks again1

  8. knight says:

    that picture can move , is what code. waiting ur ans . ty

  9. Moving picture is called slider.
    In template folder you will find instruction just find out how to edit this.

  10. how to modify the recent messages I delete all that are with it and I delete the post tb recent miniature ...
    thanks ...

  11. Just use the simple version of posting which is included in the template folder , and you can contact me by clicking on the contact me tab on the top of this site.

  12. bornout says:

    Very Good! Note 10!

  13. Ok i got your problem, You need to go to html and expand your template and find this word createSummaryAndThumb and remove this word from your template.

  14. tell me how to remove avater or change this

  15. Pefacel says:

    Thank. ;)

    No problem.

  16. Pefacel says:

    I used office for write my post.
    Thank for your help.

  17. Pefacel says:

    The last question. how can I delete "Thumbnail Recent Posts" from the main page?

  18. samsexy98 says:

    If i use simple version then i will not get the slide show...
    Slide show is the main thing i want....

  19. samsexy98 says:

    I sorted that space problem...actually the main problem was with the image...i was using the insert image with url function and not just copy and pasting the i just did copy paste and its working fine with center alignment...

    and about slider, when u click on the image which is there on slider it opens the link specified but try clicking on the text which is there on slider image.."Testing The Template"..nothing happens...

    If clicking on the text doesn't do anything then there shouldn't have been a hand shaped cursor while mouse hovering on the text..instead there should have been a normal cursor...

    And about recent comments and recent post, dnt do anything because i got it how to remove them from edit html....

    Just focus on the search bar for now and if u have time then go for sidebar if u want...

    Also i have read the above comments that they are having problem with that bald guy with two guns...i have not yet checked it yet...i will surely have to change it because my blog will be on ebooks...

    Hope u got my points and not got tired while reading such a long reply...:)

    Thank You...

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